• 2016 Streams Washington DC, 55"x16' panorama installed at 2401 Wilson Boulevard (corporate collection).

• Summer 2014 Grant from Georgetown University to develop the Metro Rail project.

• July, 2014. Arlington County Spot Light grant to develop the Metro Rail projet.

Metro Rail Solo show (9/2/2014 to 12/2/2014) at Heurich Gallery, Washington DC. Curated by Jean Efron. See the press release.

• Septmber 2nd, 2014. Artist talk held during the opening of the Heurich gallery Metro Rail show.

• November 9th, 2014. FotoWeek DC Foto Talks. Artist talk on the Metro Rail project and panorama photography.

Metro Rail Solo show (9/10 to 12/2/2014) at the Artisphere video monitor administrative Corridor gallery. Artisphere, Arlington Virginia.

• The Washington Post, September 5, 2014. "Roberto Bocci's art turns Metro into a form of time travel." Review by Vicky Hallett.

• Washington DC. City Paper, September 15, 2014. "In Photography and Video, a Moody Paean to Washington's Metro System," review by Louis Jacobson.

• The Washington Post, November 29, 2014. "Roberto Bocci's Metro Rail." Review by Mark Jenkins.