A Place and a Time 2005 - present.

Streams Consciousness and Spaces in Between (Streams) - 2009-2011

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Bathtubs 1995-97 is a portrait series of people posing inside the constricted architectural space of the bathroom. Models pose underwater holding their breath or breathing through a plastic tube. The exposures last from one to one-and-a-half hours. Bathtubs has autobiographical references and is evocative of past experiences. At the age of eighteen, after a severe skiing accident, I had four tubes inserted in his body. These tubes and the fluids they carried allowed me to live. This life experience became a direct inspiration for the series.

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Streams, Consciousness and Spaces in Between (Streams) is a photography and media installation.  This project was inspired by the ways in which the human mind works and specifically how consciousness is gained and shaped by the stream of images and sounds that we experience from birth to death. The initial Streams project was exhibited in 2009 (Streams DC.) and was shot in Washington DC. The installation included an interactive media component and ten photographic images mounted on the gallery walls. The final version of Streams was expanded to include images shot all over the world. In the Streams World installation a frieze of images run around the perimeter of the gallery walls and became an experimental panorama that metaphorically represented the interior of the human mind. The image frieze was interspersed with several Travel Strip composite images. In a separate alcove the media component for this work was installed.