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Metro Rail 2014

My Land 2012 - present

A Place and a Time

2005 - present

Washington DC. 2014

Flipped Orlando 2t013

Streams Key Bridge 2013


Over the years I have used the panoramic format and time-exposures to investigate a variety of subject matter ranging from the artist's studio, urban and natural environments, and the human body. The Panorama genre and Time exposure lighting techniques provide unique opportunities to experiment with images that become metaphors for the manipulation of space and time.  The relationship between time, space, motion and the expanding/contracting nature of these physical entities is an inherent thread in my practice. From Newton's gravitational laws to Einstein's Special Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and String theory, the laws that regulate the nature and evolution of the universe are a constant reference as I interpret the world that surrounds me with my practice.


Streams 2011


TwiLight 2015