A Place and a Time 2005 - present.

My Land 2012


Bathtubs 1995-97 is a portrait series of people posing inside the constricted architectural space of the bathroom. Models pose underwater holding their breath or breathing through a plastic tube. The exposures last from one to one-and-a-half hours. Bathtubs has autobiographical references and is evocative of past experiences. At the age of eighteen, after a severe skiing accident, I had four tubes inserted in his body. These tubes and the fluids they carried allowed me to live. This life experience became a direct inspiration for the series.

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My Land is a series of panorama images shot in Italy, the country were I was born and were I grew up. I started shooting this project in 2012 while traveling around and visiting my family. The images in this series loosely fall under the category of Fire, Earth, Air and Water and portray the ever-changing light and colors of the Italian landscape. My Land also captures the new elements that  have started to populate the horizon of the  Italian landscape like renewable energy wind turbines and electricity solar panel farms. These technological elements coupled with the natural landscape create interesting juxtapositions and dichotomies.