A Place and a Time 2005 - present.

Metro Rail - 2014

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Bathtubs 1995-97 is a portrait series of people posing inside the constricted architectural space of the bathroom. Models pose underwater holding their breath or breathing through a plastic tube. The exposures last from one to one-and-a-half hours. Bathtubs has autobiographical references and is evocative of past experiences. At the age of eighteen, after a severe skiing accident, I had four tubes inserted in his body. These tubes and the fluids they carried allowed me to live. This life experience became a direct inspiration for the series.

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Metro Rail is a multidisciplinary project that includes a series of panoramas and an experimental film that seeks to portray urban environments shot within and around the Washington DC Metro Rail transportation system. As an artist I am particularly interested in the representation of interior and exterior urban spaces animated by 60 Hz electrical hum, mechanical sound and video surveillance cameras. I am interested in portraying the relationship between human life and urban environments and the sense of alienation and disorientation that may derive from traveling through and inhabiting these spaces. I believe that urban environments have a direct influence on human life and that architectural structures can be considered metaphors for the human body and vice-versa. Within the context of this subject matter I am also interested in the representation of time and space within an artwork. In order to do so in Metro Rail the images are compiled as panoramas and the experimental films are created shooting both video and time-lapse photography.