A Place and a Time 2005 - present.

A Place and a Time, 2005 -

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Bathtubs 1995-97 is a portrait series of people posing inside the constricted architectural space of the bathroom. Models pose underwater holding their breath or breathing through a plastic tube. The exposures last from one to one-and-a-half hours. Bathtubs has autobiographical references and is evocative of past experiences. At the age of eighteen, after a severe skiing accident, I had four tubes inserted in his body. These tubes and the fluids they carried allowed me to live. This life experience became a direct inspiration for the series.

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All the images for A Place and a Time were shot in Siena, Italy from the farmhouse where I grew up from age 8 to 25. Since 2005 I have shot the same landscape aiming my camera south towards monte Cucco, the   hill topped with six cypress trees and Monte Amiata to the right. Every day growing up I was confronted with this image as I prepared to leave for school. This piece documents lighting, climatic and seasonal change in the gradual but inexorable passage of time that completely transforms the appearance of this Tuscan landscape.